Team Management Solution



A guild is a group of people who are on a mission to complete a common goal. Your team is your guild, and this self-hosted solution will put the simplicity back into organizing a team. It's a simple dashboard of company announcements, team member availability, and team member status. Keeping it simple, because managing your "management system" shouldn't be a task in itself.

Built with Tails

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Guild is part of the Digital Ocean Hackathon

We built guild for the Digital Ocean hackathon during 2020, and we're excited to build a management tool that puts the fun back into team work.

Be sure to checkout the series of post that we'll be writing throughout the creation of Guild on

COVID has changed the way we work.

Whoever said that a 40 hr work week will result in a productive team. Why not try a 30 hr work week? You may find that your guild is so greatful that they are twice as productive during the times they are on the clock.

If the way we work, isn't working... We need to change it.